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JULIAN  VOSS-ANDREAE Figurative sculpture by Julian Voss-Andreae from Sculpturesite Gallery
Quantum Buddha
25 x 11 x 11 in
64 x 28 x 28 cm
JULIAN  VOSS-ANDREAE Figurative sculpture by Julian Voss-Andreae from Sculpturesite Gallery
Analysed Odalisque
PEDESTAL SCULPTURE - stainless steel
23 x 55 x 21 in
58 x 140 x 53 cm
JULIAN  VOSS-ANDREAE Figurative sculpture by Julian Voss-Andreae at Sculpturesite Gallery
Onah Seated
PEDESTAL SCULPTURE - stainless steel
39 x 25 x 21 in
99 x 64 x 53 cm

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Julian Voss-Andreae is a German sculptor based in Portland, Oregon. Starting out as a painter, he later changed course and studied physics, mathematics and philosophy at the Universities of Berlin, Edinburgh and Vienna. Voss-Andreae pursued his graduate research in quantum physics, participating in an experiment considered one of the modern milestones of unifying our everyday intuition with the famously bizarre world of quantum physics. He then moved to the United States to study Sculpture at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, from which he graduated in 2004.

Voss-Andreae's work, often inspired by his background in science, has captured the attention of multiple institutions and collectors in the United States and abroad. Recent institutional commissions include large-scale outdoor monuments for Rutgers University, the University of Minnesota, Texas Tech University, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Voss-Andreae's work has been featured in print and broadcast media worldwide.


Contemporary technology is ushering in a new era for sculpture, comparable perhaps only to the invention of metal casting during antiquity. In my work I draw cutting-edge approaches from very diverse fields to re-imagine the ancient art of sculpture. My goal is to convey elements of our spiritual essence and open our eyes to the miraculous nature of the underlying nature of reality.

I started out as a painter in my youth and later switched to physics. I studied at the universities of Berlin and Edinburgh, and did my graduate research participating in a seminal experiment probing the foundations of quantum physics in one of the world's leading research groups at the University of Vienna. My science training enables me to take advantage of the latest technologies to achieve my artistic visions. But most importantly, my first-hand experience of the enigmatic nature of reality has provided me with key cultural insights, informing my path ever since. Contrary to our strongly held prejudices about the workings of the universe, there simply is no ‘reality’ out there that is independent of us. Similarly, the divide we perceive between us and the rest of our world turns out to be an illusion: Ultimately, we cannot separate ourselves from each other and the rest of the universe, both in a physical sense as well as when it comes to our actions.

These kinds of ideas were well-known for millennia in certain Eastern spiritual traditions but in the West they appeared only relatively recently, at about the same time as non-representational art emerged in the early Twentieth Century. Quantum physics came as a complete surprise even to its discoverers and it stands in striking contrast to the old (and still absolutely predominant) ‘Newtonian’ paradigm, the mindset of separating subject and object, of detaching ourselves from nature, and of dividing the world into small parts assuming this will lead to an understanding of the whole.

Art is holistic in its very essence, both when we create it, as well as when we consume it. And art provides the seeds for our future. Before our future happens, we have dreamt it up. The central place where we, as a collective mind, dream up our future, is in art. It is therefore critical to harness the transformative powers inherent in art to get to the future we want. I believe a cultural change comparable in depth to the Renaissance is imminent. The urgent need for a paradigm shift is most obvious in our reckless attitude toward our environment; we are jeopardizing our future by rapidly making our planet uninhabitable. Art is a powerful driver of the cultural and spiritual change desperately needed. The lessons of quantum physics offer us a glimpse of a different way of dealing with each other and dealing with our world and I feel it is critical that those embryonic ideas get out into the cultural mainstream.

My work is a reminder of our fundamental connectedness, giving tangible expression to the vital paradigm shift from Newtonian separation to a renewed connection with nature.


Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
2018 "Sitka Art Invitational," World Forestry Center, Portland, OR
2018 "Layers: The Evolving Art of 3D Printing," Lakewood Center for the Arts, Lake Oswego, OR
2018 "Art New York," New York City, NY
2018 "Alchemy in 3D," Art at the Cave Gallery, Vancouver, WA
2018 "Art Palm Springs 2018," Palm Springs, CA
2018 "Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary," West Palm Beach, FL
2017"Art Miami 2017," Miami, FL
2017 "CONTEXT Art Miami 2017," Miami, FL
2017 Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2017 X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 "Variety of Visions," Newport Visual Arts Center, Newport, OR
2017 "New Sculptures by Julian Voss-Andreae," Hohmann Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA
2017 "Mad Pursuit: Exploring Science Through the Lens of Art," Ford Gallery, Portland, OR
2017 "Art Miami New York 2017," New York City, NY
2017 "Napa Valley Arts in April," Bardessono Hotel & Spa, Yountville, CA
2017 "Art Revolution: Taipei Art Fair 2017," Taipei, Taiwan
2017 "Messum’s Gallery," London, United Kingdom
2017 "Art Palm Springs 2017," Palm Springs, CA
2016 "Art Miami 2016," Miami, FL
2016 "CONTEXT Art Miami 2016," Miami, FL
2016 "Monaco Yacht Show 2016," Port Hercules, Monaco
2016 "Encounters Between Biology and Contemporary Art," Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China
2016 "HOHMANN Celebrates 40th Anniversary," Hohmann Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA
2016 "Artworks Northwest 2016," Umpqua Valley Art Center, Roseburg, OR
2016 "Art Revolution: Taipei Art Fair 2016," Taipei, Taiwan
2016 "Napa Valley Arts in April," Bardessono Hotel & Spa, Yountville, CA
2016 "2nd National Juried Exhibition: Art + Science," Tom Thomas Gallery, Indiana University East, Richmond, IN
2016 "Outdoor Sculpture Invitational," Clackamas Community College, Molalla, OR
2015 "Art San Diego  2015," San Diego, CA.
2015 "International Sculpture Center LittleSCULPTURE Show," Bentley Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
2015 "Silicon Valley Art Fair 2015," San Francisco, CA
2015 "Holding Sway," Pacific NW College of Art, Portland, OR
2015 "Tech + Art," The Ann Arbor Art Center, Ann Arbor, MI
2015 Boloix Fine Arts Gallery, Sun Valley, ID
2015 "Art Revolution: Taipei Art Fair 2015," Taipei, Taiwan
2015 "Palm Springs Fine Art Fair 2015," Palm Springs, CA
2014 "2nd International Conference of Science, Technology, and Art Relations," Technion, Haifa, Israel
2014 "Un-Natural Nature," Eastwood, New York City, NY
2014 "Seaport Celebration Industry & Art Exhibition," Port of Portland, Portland, OR
2014 "Art of the Allison Sculpture Exhibition," The Allison Inn & Spa, Newberg, OR.
2014 "Oregon Art Beat Exhibition," Peoples Art of Portland, Portland, OR
2014 "Palm Springs Fine Art Fair," Palm Springs, CA
2013 "LittleSCULPTURE Show," International Sculpture Center, Miami, FL
2013 Pittman Addition HydroPark, Portland, OR
2013 Christian Hohmann Fine Arts, Palm Desert, CA
2013 "Elements in Balance," Annmarie Sculpture Garden, Solomons, MD
2013 "Downtown Abstractions," Stamford, CT - Curated by Eileen Heckerling.
2013 Art on Fourth, Ketchum, ID
2013 "Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition," York St Marys, York, United Kingdom
2012 "5th Beijing International Art Biennale," National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China - Curated by Wu Changjiang.
2012 "ESID Conference 2012," Florence, Italy
2012 "New Works," Frederic Boloix Fine Arts Gallery, Sun Valley, ID
2012 Gallery Without Walls, Lake Oswego, OR
2012 "Chisel & Brush," Talisman Gallery, Portland, OR
2012 "Clackamas Outdoor Sculpture Exposition," Oregon City, OR - Curated by Rick True.
2012 "Science Art 2012," The Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia - Curated by Simon Erohine.
2011 "Arsmathematica Intersculpt 2011," Galerie Luc Monod, Paris, France - Curated by Mary Visser and Christian Lavigne.
2011 "Science and Art," Sarah Silberman Art Gallery, Montgomery College, Rockville, MD - Curated by Kay McCrohan and Percy North.
2011 "New Works," Frederic Boloix Fine Arts Gallery, Sun Valley, ID
2011 "Quantum Jazz Biology * Medicine * Art," ISIS meeting, London, United Kingdom
2011 "Science without Borders," Annual AAAS Meeting, Washington, DC
2011 Present Space, Portland, OR
2011 "Measure for Measure," Central Booking Gallery, Brooklyn, NY - Curated by Maddy Rosenberg.
2011 "The Consilience of Art & Science," Pence Gallery, Davis, CA - Curated by James House field and Diane Ullman.
2010 "Attract/Repel," Central Booking Gallery, Brooklyn, NY - Curated by Maddy Rosenberg.
2010 "Scienar Exhibition," University of Calabria, Arcavacata di Rende, Italy
2010 "Chemical Reactions," Central Booking Gallery, Brooklyn, NY - Curated by Maddy Rosenberg.
2010 "Art & Science Exhibition," ISMB 2010, Boston, MA - Curated by Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern.
2010 Evergreen Aviation Museum, McMinnville, OR
2010 "Art Inspired by Science," Schneider Museum of Art, Ashland, OR - Curated by M. Crane, R. L. Chianese, and J. Hafernik.
2010 "Interferente," National University of Art, Bucharest, Romania - Curated by Gheorghe Samoila.
2009 "Worlds Within Worlds: Quantum Objects," American Center for Physics, College Park, MD - Curated by Sarah Tanguy.
2009 Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, OR
2009 "Structures to Sculptures," Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, India - Curated by Madhusudan W. Pandit.
2008 "El Paseo Invitational Exhibition," Palm Desert, CA - Curated by M. Stephenson.
2008 Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Lausanne, Switzerland - Curated by Vivienne B. Gerritsen.
2008 "Art and Mathematics: The Wonders of Numbers," The Heckscher Museum of Art, Huntington, NY - Curated by Lynn Gamwell.
2008 "Natural Beauty," Sixth Street Gallery, Vancouver, WA - Juried by T. Donahue.
2008 "Inspired by Life," Rutgers University, NJ - Curated by Christine Zardecki.
2007 "Mein Gen, das hat fünf Ecken," Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany - Curated by Andreas F. Beitin and Gregor Jansen.
2007 "Outdoor Sculpture Invitational," Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale, WA - Curated by Lee Musgrave.
2006 "Wonderfest," Stanford University and UC Berkeley, CA
2006 "German American Artists," German Consulate General, San Francisco, CA
2006 "New Works," Frederic Boloix Fine Arts Gallery, Sun Valley, ID
2006 Orange Memorial Park Sculpture Garden, South San Francisco, CA
2006 Westcott Bay Reserve Sculpture Garden, San Juan Island, WA - Juried by Kay Kammerzell.
2006 Guardino Gallery, Portland, OR
2006 "Iron and Steel," Alexander Gallery, Clackamas Community College, Oregon City, OR - Curated by Rick True.
2005 "Art Intersect Science," Lucid Gallery, San Francisco, CA - Curated by Kristin Henry.
2005 "The Convergence of Art and Science," Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, CO - Curated by Jeanne Shoa ff.
2005 Westcott Bay Reserve Sculpture Garden, San Juan Island, WA - Juried by Kay Kammerzell.
2005 "Portland Modern Showcase," Gallery 500, Portland, OR - Juried by Mark Brandau.
2004 "Lifeboat Miami," Art Basel, Miami Beach, FL - Curated by Paul Middendorf.
2004 "Synthesis," Feldman Gallery, Portland, OR
2004 "Fantasy World," Higgins Gallery, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR
2004 "DNA Art & Science," Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa, FL
2003 "Artifice," Manuel Izquierdo Gallery, Portland, OR
1991 "Jugend sieht Architektur," Rathaus Altona, Hamburg, Germany
1990 "Jugend sieht Architektur," Rathaus Altona, Hamburg, Germany

Selected Public and Institutional Collections
Kimpton Rowan Hotel, Palm Springs, CA
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Portland Community College, Portland, OR
Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, CA
Clarksburg Premium Outlets, Clarksburg, MD
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ
DePauw University, Greencastle, IN
The Bravern, Bellevue, WA
The Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, FL
University of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratories, Friday Harbor, WA
Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale, WA
The City of Moses Lake, Moses Lake, WA
Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Linus Pauling Center for Science, Peace and Health, Portland, OR
Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR
MBank, Portland, OR

Grants, Scholarships and Awards
2018 Palm Springs Buzz Award 2018, Public Artwork “Isabelle”
2017 Winner - Education Category, 2017 CODAawards, "Spannungsfeld"
2016 Best In Show, A Visual Chronicle of Lake Oswego, "Slender Sentinel"
2012 2nd Prize, PIDart Expo ESID 2012 Competition, Florence Italy, "Angel of the West"
2012 Judges' Choice Award, Next Big Idea Art Competition. Los Alamos, NM, "Quantum Man"
2011 Travel Grant and Invitation to The Institute of Science in Society conference, London, United Kingdom
2009 Travel Grant and Invitation by the British Council to “Einstein and Picasso” conference, Dortmund, Germany
2008 "Juror's Choice Award, Big Rock Garden Sculpture Exhibition. Bellingham, WA, "Unraveling Collagen"
2007 1st Prize (People's Choice Award) - Sculpture Without Walls. Moses Lake, WA, "Quantum Man"
2007 4th Prize, Sculpture Without Walls. Moses Lake, WA, "Sister (Warrior)"
2007 Honorable Mention, ACA Art in Crystallography Contest, "Unraveling Collagen"
2005 Regional Arts & Culture Council Professional Development Grant
2004 1st Prize, The Scientist 2004 Art Contest, "Light-Harvesting Complex"
2004 Pacific Northwest College of Art Sculpture Department Award
2004 Departmental Nomination for the International Sculpture Center Outstanding Student Award
2004 Pacific Northwest College of Art Merit Scholarship (Shana Wheeler Memorial Scholarship)
2003 Departmental Nomination for the International Sculpture Center Outstanding Student Award
2003 Pacific Northwest College of Art Merit Scholarship (Shana Wheeler Memorial Scholarship)
2003 Best in Show Award, 3rd Annual B.F.A. Exhibition, "Tall Alpha Helix"
1997 Tenor Scholarship of the Royal Choral Union. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
1991 Special Prize, Jugend sieht Architektur Competition, "Landhaus Godeffroy"
1990 1st Prize, Jugend sieht Architektur Competition, "Hansen's Weisses Haus (Elbchaussee 547)"

Media Coverage: Selected Television, Radio, Press, Books and Internet
2018 "Las fantásticas esculturas invisibles de Julian Voss-Andreae," El Hormiguero, Antena 3 TV (in Spanish), June 21.
2018 "Les secrets scientifiques de 45 œuvres d’art," by Loïc Mangin (Paris: Humensis).
2018 "?????????," Edamame (in Japanese), June 16.
2018 "Julian Voss-Andreae, escultor y doctor en fisica cuántica," Las musas despiertas (in Spanish), April 17.
2018 “Des sculptures… invisibles,” 20 Minutes, Le Rewind (in French), April 3.
2018 “New Downtown Palm Springs Sculpture is a Showstopper,” KMIR TV, April 1.
2018 “New Sculpture Unveiled,” CBS 2 TV March 30.
2018 “Sculptures Disappear into Thin Air,” Art Insider, March 28.
2018 Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics, Cover image, Volume 11 Number 30, March 18.
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2017 “2017 CODAawards: The Collaboration of Design + Art at its Finest,” Abraxas Lifestyle Magazine, September 17.
2017 "10,000 Hours of 3D Printing Bring Larger-Than-Life Cast Bronze Sculpture to Georgia Tech," 3dPrint.com, June 23.
2017 "Portland quantum physicist-turned-sculptor to create ‘capstone’ art piece for PCC campus," OregonLive.com, March 21.
2017 "Art Materializes from Molecules, Metal," Portland Tribune, January 24.
2016 "PCC adding new sculpture on campus," KGW TV Portland, December 31.
2016 "???????? -???????????," Ran Dian ??, July 2.
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2004 "Linus Pauling Statue," Oregon Art Beat, OPB Television, May 6.
2000 "Die Quantenwelt wird sichtbar," ("The Quantum World becomes Visible" in German), Berliner Zeitung, December 6.

Selected Publications
2013 Voss-Andreae, J. "Unraveling Life's Building Blocks: Novel Sculpture Inspired by Proteins" Leonardo 46 1.
2011 Voss-Andreae, J. "Quantum Sculpture: Art Inspired by the Deeper Nature of Reality" Leonardo 44 1.
2005 Voss-Andreae, J. "Protein Sculptures: Life’s Building Blocks Inspire Art" Leonardo 38 1.
1999 Arndt, M., O. Nairz, J. Voss-Andreae, et al. "Wave-Particle Duality of C60 Molecules". Nature 401, pp. 680—682.

Professional Affiliations
Editorial Board Member,  Journal of Fine and Studio Art
Board Member,  Pacific Northwest Sculptors Association
Member,  Art & Science Collaboration, Inc.
Professional Member,  International Sculpture Center
Member,  Leonardo/ISAST
Member,  Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft

2001-2004 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture: Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR
1993-2000 Physikdiplom mit Auszeichnung (equivalent to M.S. in Physics, Summa  Cum Laude), Freie Universität Berlin (Free University of Berlin), Berlin, Germany; Universität Wien (University of Vienna), Vienna, Austria; and University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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